Dry Dog Food: The Word Is Out

For many years, dog owners have strayed away from giving their dog dry food. Fearing “junk” dog food, owners have decided that options such as raw, frozen or canned food are better for their animals. If you fall into this category, perhaps you should rethink your decision. Dry food has come a long way. There are now premium dry foods that are available to meet your pets every nutritional need. The truth is now being revealed about dry food. Read the following reasons why you should make the switch:

· You control what brand of dog food your dog consumes. You have the opportunity to eliminate the “junk” food. Because feeding your dog is your responsibility, you have the opportunity to buy quality dry food. If you choose an inexpensive product, your dog will miss out on the key nutrients that he needs to live a long and healthy life. However, if you choose a more expensive, popular brand of dog food, you can guarantee that your pet is getting the nutrition that he needs. Many companies stand on their promise of giving your quality meals. Go with companies that you know and trust. Remember, all foods are not created equally. The price of the product that you choose is a sure way to determine the quality. Cheaper is not better in this case! russian food store

· The word is out about unhealthy dog food. Pet owners are now aware of the “fillers” that are found in many foods. This is why so many owners have opted to go with different types of food. Many companies are advertising foods that promise more of the good stuff and less of the bad! What has become a prime selling point for these companies greatly benefits your dog. Boycott unhealthy products. These can serve only to negatively impact your animal.

· Dry dog food has many positive aspects. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, such as poor nutritional value, that has plagued dry dog food for so long, consider the positives. Dry dog food is great for your pet’s digestive system. It contains more fiber than other types of food. It is also very healthy for the teeth. These benefits, coupled with higher quality nutrition, makes feeding your dog dry food a better option.

If you have chosen to feed your dog raw, frozen, or canned food, consider making the change to dry food. Research popular dry dog food brands to find one that will best meet the nutritional needs of your dog. You may be surprised as how far dry food has come. Many pet food companies have stepped up to the challenge and have created food that is healthy for your pet. Give these foods a chance and see how they measure up. You are likely to be glad that you made the change!